Costa Rica 2020, Day 13

Sunday, March 1

Today we were supposed to be going on an adventure tour to do ziplining and rappelling. A couple of days earlier I received an email asking if we could change our date but being at the end of the trip it wasn’t possible. We ended up having an unexpected free day but we had no problem filling it.

Mike was up before me as usual but I was up early too. The restaurant didn’t open until 7 a.m. so we sat on our deck and read. As soon as it was 7 we headed to the restaurant.

Mike and I both ordered the Huevos Rancheros. This was by far our favourite breakfast. I even tried to duplicate it when we got home but of course it wasn’t as good.

I thought the shape of the tables by the railing in TuleCafe were very clever. They were triangular so it didn’t matter which seat you took – both offered the same stunning view of the ocean.

While we were eating there was a sudden racket on the plastic and partially see through roof. A troop of Squirrel Monkeys was passing through. We looked up and saw their shadows running across to the other side. They were chattering away and sounded a bit like birds.

Video @ Cindy Southgate

They were very cute and fun to watch. This was the first time we had seen this type of monkey on our trip but not the last. Many of them live on Tulemar property.

We headed back to our room to prepare for our beach day. I wanted to get down there early to hopefully snag the chairs under the tree that the sloth was hanging out in.

We enjoyed the scenery on the way down to the beach. We knew as long as we were going downhill we were going in the right direction. Even so, we took one wrong turn. Some of the signs we saw were entertaining.

We were the first people to get to the beach. We claimed our chairs under the sloth tree.

Overnight we had had some rain. This is what the poor sloth looked like in the morning. I spent a lot of time watching her. She spent some time grooming herself until her fur was straightened out.

Video @ Cindy Southgate

After reading and relaxing we took some kayaks out along with our snorkel gear. I have very small feet and I have a hard time finding masks that don’t leak so it’s easier to bring my own gear. The beach concierge told us that there was a spot to tie our kayaks on the other side of the bay.

While snorkeling beside the shore we noticed this tiny beach so of course we got out to explore.

This view is looking back towards the resort. As you can see the houses and villas are well hidden.

When the beach waiter started his rounds we ordered our lunch. They brought the food down from the restaurant. I also ordered a cocktail. Those were made at the beach bar and I was disappointed because they couldn’t make me a Pina Colada without electricity. They have strict rules about how close plumbing and electricity can be to the beach.

After lunch we did a bit more snorkeling. We explored around the rocky areas to the sides of the beach but there wasn’t much to see. Then we spent a bit of time playing in the waves.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and watching the sloth and I may have ordered another tropical drink.

Video @ Cindy Southgate

We headed back to our room to change for dinner. While we were at our room we saw some monkeys using the rope bridge.

We wanted to stay by our room to watch the sunset and take some more pictures so we went up to dinner a bit later than usual.

Dinner was great as usual! It was our second last night so we both ordered a fancy drink. Mike’s was a non-alcoholic version of mine.

Fun Fact: If you are visiting from North America or Europe you don’t need any shots before visiting Costa Rica and the tap water is safe to drink.

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