Costa Rica 2022, Day 5

Tuesday, February 15

Today was a quiet day. I had had very little sleep since I had been sick the night before. I felt a bit better in the morning and was fine to go on a long drive. We were heading to our second location – the south east side of the Nicoya Peninsula. We booked a Tiki Suite at Tango Mar.

The drive took almost 4 hours. We used Waze to find our way there. We left in the morning and arrived at 1:30 pm with no stops. The roads were mostly good until we reached the turn for the resort. From there it was extremely rough but we were able to drive right onto the grounds and park underneath our villa.

The villa was great and quite roomy. We had an ocean view and were only a few steps from the beach.

View of the Tiki Villas from the beach.

We had a Jacuzzi tub in our villa but didn’t end up using it. We were very close to Cristobal, the main restaurant and a short walk to the three pools where El Pirata Rancho Grill was located.

I was still very tired so I had a nap while Mike went to explore the beach.

View of Rancho Grill restaurant from the beach.

It was a bit warmer here than our last location. It was hot, but not uncomfortable. This beach was very clean but the sand was hot on the feet if you weren’t wearing sandals or water shoes.

We tried to set up some tours for the following days but they said there weren’t enough people interested. We had booked from home but they needed a minimum of four people. We also tried with an outside tour company but they were all booked. Later during our stay another couple wanted to go on the snorkelling tour so we were able to join them.

The beach and the pool areas were very nice here. There were three pools on three different levels with waterfalls running from the highest one down to the lowest. The lowest one was an infinity pool with a swim up bar.

I was still very tired and not very hungry so Mike went down for dinner and brought me back a small piece of steak and some potatoes. I read a bit and called it a day.

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