Costa Rica 2020, Day 4

Friday, February 21

Every morning we had breakfast at our hotel. It was included in our nightly rate. We really enjoyed all the fresh fruit that came with our meal. There were several choices on the menu and we tried most of them. Huevos rancheros was a favourite.

Today would be our second tour with! We were thrilled to have Jovino as our guide again today!

Mike and Jovino

We took a cab into Dominical and then our group got into one of two vans and drove down to the mangrove forest. We stopped a couple of times to see some sloths. We also saw some adorable baby raccoons just before we started down the river.

Mike and I were the only two paddleboarding. Everyone else was kayaking. The small rivers here were very picturesque and peaceful…..except when one of the kayakers accidentally crashed into me and knocked me off my paddleboard into the river!

Jovino pointed out some of the more hidden wildlife. We saw a snake stretched out on a branch, a few birds and some very angry Capuchin monkeys.

Grey Hawk

Grey Hawk

After a relaxing paddle we had a short break to refresh ourselves in the water.

Next we followed the river out to the ocean…..

This was one of my favourite places. We had some time to relax and wander around. The sand actually has some dirt mixed in, so when you stand in the wet areas you will sometimes sink in right up to your ankles. It was very shallow so we could walk quite far into the river.

After some time exploring this area, we paddled back to our starting point and had a nice snack of fresh local fruit. The pineapple here was amazing – juicy and full of flavour.

We shared our leftovers with the monkeys.

This was our final night at Tiki Villas. We really enjoyed our stay here. The next morning we left for our second destination – The Osa peninsula.

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