Costa Rica 2022, Day 7

Thursday, February 17

Another picture perfect day! February is the middle of Costa Rica’s dry season which lines up perfectly with the weather we want to escape from in Canada, which is usually the coldest month of the year.

This morning we headed out to explore the north side of the beach. There was supposed to be a lookout up on the cliff. We followed the signs but must have made a wrong turn. We ended up in an interesting area with a lot of lava, rock and many small tide pools.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that my camera had some moisture on the lens so most of my pictures had to be deleted. Mike doesn’t take as many pictures as I do so we missed out on a few good shots.

We enjoyed walking around this area and checking out the tide pools for little creatures. We saw a few tiny fish and many crabs. We saw several of these yellow breasted birds on our trip, which I think are a type of Trogon.

We only saw one other person here – there was a man picking up garbage that had floated in from the ocean. There were a fair number of plastic water bottles as well as food wrappers which we assumed were either tossed or fell off of tour boats. We helped a little bit with his cleanup.

After we had had our fill, we headed back towards our resort to relax by the pool with our books. I enjoyed a salad for lunch.

After relaxing for a bit we decided to go check out Cocalito Falls. The staff told us it was worth going to see. It was supposed to be a short walk.

We followed the path from the pool up towards the road and then onto a trail. It was getting very hot out but we were mostly in the shade.

When we reached the end of the short trail there was a sign that seemed to indicate that we should go straight down the road but at the end of it we couldn’t find another trail. We did see some lovely private homes though. We backtracked and went down the gravel road. This eventually led us to another trail heading back towards the ocean. We were getting very hot at this point. There were a couple of other paths in this area and we ended up choosing the wrong one a couple of times. We ran into one of the servers from the restaurant here and she said she was trying to find her family that were by the water fishing. We finally got to the end of the trail….

It’s hard to tell depth in these photos but we are now at the top of the waterfall. We could walk across it but it didn’t look like that went anywhere except the other end of the cliff. We saw no trail leading down to sea level. So now we are tired from the heat and frustrated because we can’t even see the waterfall! We slowly made our way back to the resort pool to cool off.

We had dinner at the resort as the sun went down. My lasagne was good, Mike’s chicken was so-so. Back in the room I got out my iPad and updated the notes for my blog.

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