Costa Rica 2022, Day 6

Wednesday, February 16

I was feeling much better today so we headed over for breakfast. The restaurant, like most in Costa Rica, was open air. We also had a breakfast buffet included with our room price at this resort. One nice addition was a woman making made-to-order omelettes and scrambled eggs. She was pretty good at remembering what I liked each morning even though she didn’t speak English. (We have found it is very rare for hotel staff not to speak English) It was wonderful having breakfast while listening to the crashing waves.

After breakfast we were ready for some exploring. We headed south along the beach. We quickly reached some large rocks and boulders but that didn’t stop us!

We climbed up and made our way over to the next beach. It was fairly small and led to a few privately owned homes. All beaches are public in Costa Rica so are free to explore.

We made our way back and had lunch at the pool restaurant. We then spent the afternoon reading and relaxing in the pools. We were usually able to find chairs with an umbrella for shade. This would be the routine for most of the 5 days that we were here.

While we were having lunch some Capuchin Monkeys came by for a snack. The cooks gave them some food which surprised us as most restaurants try to discourage the monkeys from coming too close. Many Costa Ricans refer to this species of monkey as “Mafia Monkeys”. This is because they seize any opportunity to enter peoples homes through windows or doors that have been left open, or to rifle through unguarded backpacks. They will also attack Squirrel Monkey babies.

Tango Mar also has some regular hotel rooms. We prefer to stay in Villa type rooms as long as they aren’t crazy expensive.

This was a very pretty resort for us to enjoy a few quieter days….

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